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Negative SEO

What is negative SEO ? Is there a such thing exists ? Yes. There is. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few techniques that exist to discredit or debase a website and its rank. We will discuss briefly about each in this post. We highly recommend not using these against other sites.…

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10 Things that other hosting companies are not telling you

server room

10 Things That Other Hosting Companies Are Not Telling You  In a nut shell, web hosting is a place where your website lies. When an online user types your website URL in the browser, the hosting company will respond by sending information to the browser for you to view the site. It might seem simple,…

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Fast, Secure And Intelligent Server

THPro is proud to announce a new server with major upgrade in its security and speed. Due to a constant battle against brute forces and data reconnaissance by hackers, we are compelled to up our security in a fashion that makes it very hard to break/hack into our servers.    To switch over your current…

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WordPress Safety

WordPress Safety For Server Admins     This topic is for agencies that has WordPress (here in WP) as their platform to hold their clients’ websites. Multi-site especially. WP is famous and as you know, fame draws lot of attention. In world of web, we are talking about hacking attempts and brute forces. It is very…

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Websites are not DIY anymore

Can I Build My Own Website? Seems Easy Enough. Website design has grown to new heights. It’s not only the appealing look and intuitive navigation, but also the content that goes on a page. There are so many attributes associated with it that I can write a book about it. Here are the few things…

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