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Why do I need a fully managed website service like TotalHousehold PRO?
There are certainly lots of DIY website options out there, but the question is do you want to spend your free time monitoring and updating your website, Facebook and Google+ page? TotalHousehold does this everyday for our clients, and we make it completely painless for you. We will take care of everything soup to nuts, so you spend your time doing the work that you do best.

I already have a website, can you just manage my social media pages?
At this time we only offer a Total Online Presence package. However, you may want to consider converting your website over to TotalHousehold PRO to take advantage of our integrated approach and fully managed services.

I already get referrals, why do I need website services?
Obviously good contractors get a steady flow of referrals. However, it's important to remember that as soon as a potential customer hears about you, they will look you up on Google. You may be losing out on better, more profitable jobs, and not even realize it. More and more, if consumers can't find you online, they will look for someone else that is.

Does a website automatically generate search traffic and leads?
Think of a website like a phone number. Just having a phone number doesn't mean people are going to call it. It's a tool to help you communicate with customers. It's the same with websites. Just having one doesn't mean that you will get more business, but it is a valuable tool to help you communicate with potential as well as existing customers.


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