Fast, Secure And Intelligent Server

THPro is proud to announce a new server with major upgrade in its security and speed. Due to a constant battle against brute forces and data reconnaissance by hackers, we are compelled to up our security in a fashion that makes it very hard to break/hack into our servers. 


To switch over your current site to the new web server, please call us (800)-325-4315


In coming weeks, we are rolling out our own products which will help our clients not only feel safe but also to take full advantage of our craftmanship


  • Total Secure Site: Take an aggressive stance against malware and hacking attempts against our servers, and by extension, Websites. We are also launching our own CDN to deliver the web content across the internet with very minimum latency and lightning speeds
  • SSL / HTTPS / TLS: We now offer fully integrated HTTPS / SSL for your website. Encrypt your website and reap the benefits. Google recently announced that secure websites rank higher than their un-secured ones.
  • Chat: We understand how important it is to capture every visitor on your website and convert into a sale. So, by providing a live chat panel on your website, you can increase your sale conversions by engaging the client when the opportunity arises. The chat feature is available via a desktop and mobile interface.
  • Merchant Accounts: Card transaction play a major role in your business constituting for about 40% of small business transactions. Why not accept the cards on site? Coming soon with an Android and iOS app to facilitate those needs.
  • Market Place: Help others and grow together! Give us the leads that you don’t want and we will give it others in need of it. We are developing a Lead Market Pool because we know how hard it is to capture a lead, don’t let it slip away.

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