How Your Home Improvement Business Can Gain A Competitive Edge

TotalHousehold Pro Web MockupIn order to gain a competitive edge in your industry, it’s crucial that your business gains the trust of potential customers.  Thanks to the Internet, more and more consumers are making informed decisions about the company and people they’re going to allow into their homes. How do consumers decide whether a business is qualified, trustworthy and reliable? Of course there’s word-of-mouth referrals, but that doesn’t quite cut it in today’s digital age. To really position your business as a top contender you should:

1. Join A Trade Association

Becoming a member of a reputable association in your industry is a huge plus. Whether it’s the National Association of Home Builders or the National Electrical Contractors Association, whatever your trade you’re likely to find an association that you can join. Many national associations have regional and state branches that your business can become a member of, too.


2. Impress Consumers With Your Website

First and foremost it’s important for your business to have a website, however more important than that, is that you have a good website. It’s 2015, which means the last time your website should have been updated was last month, not 1999. Consumers are becoming experts at online research, which means chances are they’re going to judge the quality of your website to determine your trustworthiness and the quality of your business.  Not sure how to design and manage a website? There are plenty of services available that can help make your business visible online, including  Totalhousehold PRO!


3. Create Custom Content

Consumers are information hungry so the best thing your business can do is to fulfill that need. Adding a blog to your website that offers original and informative content about your trade will further position your business as an industry expert. Whether it’s an article a week or an article a month, custom content can go a long way.


4. Consistently Update Social Media

Social media is a very important business tool that you should take advantage of. However, it’s one thing to have a Facebook or Google+ page and a whole other thing entirely to maintain and grow these pages. Without maintenance your pages lose credibility and are essentially pointless. Social media is also a way for your business to make personal connections and have conversations directly with current and potential customers. By fully taking advantage of social media, you will position yourself as not only an industry expert, but as a trustworthy business.
5. Get Involved With Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Your local chamber of commerce is designed to support local businesses, so why not take advantage of it? Becoming a member and getting involved opens the door to local business networking events and opportunities that will get your business in front of potential customers and build a trusted relationship with your community.



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